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The best things I’ve seen this week all in one post. TGIF and have a good spring break!

This week: crazy radiation from my stove, palindromic indie music, one mildly creepy sea creature made completely goofy, a crazy hero and two movie trailers.

Oven radiation

I found out that the radiation emitted by my electric stove is not only captured by my Flip camera but also translated into a visible purple glow! Each of these coils eventually got hot enough for that radiation to start spilling into the visible spectrum causing them to glow red but just before that light was visible the camera showed them glowing purple.

Bitter Tea palindrome

Pretty much every one of the songs on The Fiery Furnaces’ album Bitter Tea contains a moderately palindromic section. Here’s two clips from Black-Hearted Boy. The first one is the way it appears in the song and the second is the same section but reversed. Notice it’s not a perfect palindrome (i.e. the words do sound backwards) but the reversed notes sound like an alternate verse. It’s pretty nifty if you ask me, especially because they pulled it off multiple times on the same album.

Forwards link.
Backwards link.

See the smoke from your kiln
Pine boughs burn the bricks dead hard in their fog
As i stand cold with my back broke by the bog
Find your cross cut saw
Come blunt and jagged and dry and try
Cut my tongue out to keep on your wall up high

Running Shrimp

You are hereby federally mandated to watch the first thirty seconds of this video. If you aren’t laughing by then you may need to see a doctor. (via No Smarties, in an article featuring a great performance piece by Jon O’Connor.)

The man who broke into Auschwitz

This guy broke into the Auschwitz to gain intel on the Nazis’ war crimes. While everyone else was just trying to figure out how to survive this man was thinking about the end of the war and bringing the bad guys to justice.

Movie trailers

The one I’ve been excited about the longest is of course TRON Legacy. An old, real-world Jeff Bridges; a young digital-world Jeff Bridges; Jeff’s new son; crazy light cycle races; more detailed but still classically awesome Recognizers. Same look just cleaner, glassier and generally better. As if that wasn’t enough, Olivia Wilde is Flynn’s son’s sidekick! It’s the one movie that will turn into a game REALLY WELL.

I had heard about them redoing Karate Kid but I only just watched the trailer. This looks pretty awesome. Strange that the five-year-old Fort Minor soundtrack makes it feel retro when the original came out before I was born.


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