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It’s a trap!

General Akbar makes his appearance and issues warnings ALL over the place. (This week, Akbar *is* the summery. Read on.)

The obligatory Big Bang Theory video of Sheldon doing his famous and impeccable impression.

Spider-Man by Wes Anderson

A wonderful interpretation of The Royal Tenenbaums‘ director Wes Anderson‘s version of Spider-Man. This video features the best impression of Owen Wilson I’ve ever heard.

Drafting autopilot

The red car is signaling to the convoy that it would like to join and engage it's autopilot.

If you get close enough to the car ahead of you you limit the amount of turbulence generated and increase your gas milage. Nascar drivers do this all the time and many games include a draft meter to indicate the amount of “pull” you’re receiving from the car in front of you. Geese also take advantage of this effect by flying in a V formation.

The idea is impractical for everyday driving simply because it requires too much concentration and inhumanly rapid reflexes. This concept allows a computer to autopilot your car, stringing a line of reduced-drag vehicles behind a larger pilot truck who’s computer communicates speed and direction changes to all the cars behind it.

It’s really nifty and conceptually sound. Mythbusters actually demonstrated the increased fuel efficiency of cars taking advantage of a 16-wheeler (though they strongly advise against trying it yourself on a freeway.) Theoretically it would only take three engaged cars to make this train more efficient than driving solo.

(Via BBC via Treehugger via Gizmodo)

Colliding smoke rings

I don’t even pretend to understand the implications of this experiment, I just think it’s pretty. (Via BoingBoing)

My first appearance in Time Magazine

Time just wrote an article about third wave coffee that annoyed a few people. I rather liked it not for the content but because they mentioned me by name! Alright, maybe not by name but certainly by rough description.

Wait, you haven’t heard of the third wave? … [A] fervid generation of caffeine evangelists are changing the way we drink coffee. They tend to be male, heavily bearded, zealous and meticulous in what they do. And the coffee they produce is … an improvement over Starbucks.

That’s totally me. Don’t even try to deny it. (Via Counter Culture Coffee)

Classic flash games Work as usual

Flash games that look like spread sheets. (Via Lifehacker)

An artificial sun over Canada

Warning: this is actually an ad. I wonder how bright this sucker actually was, compared to the actual sun. (Via Cream Global via Gizmodo)

Tablecloth trick with a motorcycle

If this doesn’t qualify for SO COOL Friday I don’t know what does. (Via BoingBoing)

Robot Unicorn Attack

To wrap it all up we have yet another amazing game by Adult Swim. @BrownPau said it best:

This Adult Swim game is pretty much Canabalt with robot unicorns and an extra “Dash” power. And “Always.”

That’s it for this week folks. Enjoy the weekend!


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