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You cannot believe how hard it was to avoid a poor/pour pun. You’re welcome. Anyway, I suck at this. I’m going to blame it on the lousy steaming power provided by my single boiler semi-auto. Here’s a selection of my best work though.


Another rosetta! I actually filmed myself pouring this one but the file got killed. Look at that gross, bubbly foam. Like I said, lame steaming power.

I believe that this was the first successful rosetta I ever poured. Look at it, it’s wimpier than Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree.

It’s a half-hearted yet still kinda cool apple-crecent hybrid!

I like rosettas.

This one’s not too bad. The big wad of leaves at the top (as opposed to a smoothly tapering xmas tree shape) is due to my hesitancy to finish the pour and hanging around too long. I gotta get over that.

Is apple!

Alright, I’m sure that a few of you are thinking I shouldn’t be so hard on myself because this looks just fine. I appreciate the support but let me show you what latte art is supposed to look like.

These that follow were not poured by myself.

A very nice rosetta. Notice the use of coco powder to give it a better contrast. Check out the nice crisp leaves and tapered shape as opposed to my clumpiness at the top.

Another simply classic example of the rosetta. Nice and clean. These images are coming from by the way. Click on the images to link to their original pages.

A rather nice tulip, a variation on the apple.

A quick note on etching. Etching can produce some pretty spectacular images but I don’t like it. In my opinion it’s not as technically difficult as free-pouring and is often used to cover up a lack of talent. It often results from improvisation depending on what the barista thought the blob they happened to pour looked most like. Obviously not all of this is true for all etching but I still don’t care for it. I like the simplicity and the skill involved with good free pour. However, I will leave you with this rather nifty etched latte.


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